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Communication Superpower Coaching started as a way to help family and friends identify what was holding them back in their careers and encourage them to grow their core strengths through communicating effectively.


Today, coaching sessions are focused around helping people effectively apply key communication skills and strategies. Each session focuses on the future and your professional growth, not relentlessly exploring your past or venting. To help you achieve sustainable results, we'll work to develop your skills in the context of your current work and we will:

  • provide you with valuable, honest insight and feedback that books, DVDs, and podcasts cannot

  • teach you techniques that are proven to work (not self-help hype)

  • practice implementing skills with you by role playing scenarios

As a career and communication coach, I welcome the opportunity to help you harness the power of your communication and grow as a leader.



How many sessions will I need?

With individualized attention, effectiveness is high–and an excellent value for a relatively low investment. Each individual receives a free initial consultation to review their career and/or communication goals and objectives, which is used to collaboratively determine the optimal number of sessions.


Where are sessions held?

In-person, phone conference or video chat are all available options for individual sessions. The initial free consultation is conducted by phone conference or video chat.


Are you certified?

Yes! Our founder, Aaron Young, holds designations as a CERTIFIED EXECUTIVE & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COACH and a CERTIFIED CAREER MANAGEMENT COACH from the Career Coach Academy. He also successfully completed training as a TALENT OPTIMIZATION CONSULTANT with The Predictive Index.


Do you do group sessions?

Group sessions (5 or more) are available and designed as instructor-led training covering general speaking, listening, communication, and leadership skills.


When can expect results?

Results may vary and is depends on each individual's goals and level of commitment. Please view the client testimonials to review client experiences. Homework and outside training is also recommended to amplify in-session training. 

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